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Machinists Choose Harvey Tool First

See why machinists think of Harvey Tool first for their miniature and specialty cutting tool needs.

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Justin R. - Salt Lake City, UT

"Since we found Harvey Tool we build molds in a totally different way. Our mold manufacturing times have went from over a month, down to less than a week. I wouldn't build a mold without their tools now."

K.M. - Edmonton AB, Canada

“We’ve been using Harvey Tools since we opened in 2006. Weather we’re cutting aluminum, copper, plastics, or tool steel, the speeds & feeds provided by Harvey Tool have never let us down. They are our go-to supplier for micro tooling.”

Philip M. - Frenso, CA

“Manual machining using @HarveyTool products......feeling spoiled. I’m amazed at the tools performance and longevity. The speeds and feeds they recommend work great. Even when using them in a manual mill it makes quick and accurate work of any job that comes thru…makes work almost too easy. Love their tools.”

Robert D. Coquitlam - BC, Canada

“Here's a friendly shout out to #HarveyTool once again turning problems into productivity! Keep up the good work!”

Matt D. - Riverton, UT

“When you have a large qty of parts made out of 440c stainless steel and there's a lot of small details to deburr, I recommend you check out #HarveyTool catalog and find something to help you with the deburring problem! Save your hands from cuts! @HarveyTool 46015-c1 .015 radius edge cutter, I use them on all my parts, easy to program and they last forever. Thanks Harvey Tool!”

Alex W. - Racine, WI

“This little guy had its challenges. Thanks #HarveyTool again for awesome products. Your recommended speeds and feeds have never let me down. Harvey has always been my first choice in tooling when it comes to specialty lengths and sizes. I have been a loyal customer for 8 years and look forward to seeing new products for many years to come”

P.T. - Oregon

"Harvey Tool has been an integral part of our success here at Production Tool on some of our toughest and tightest projects...We can’t say enough about the quality and consistency of their cutting tools."

Phillip G. - New Jersey

"I used these .031 and .047 six flute end mills to get into some of the really tight areas of the titanium prybar bottle opener I did for kings arsenal.... it blows my mind! Harvey Tool you guys are incredible."

Daniel H. - Connecticut

"Harvey's long tool life and large selection..."

"Harvey end mills are great! We do a lot of high speed machining of t6 aluminum extrusion and get more tool life with Harvey than any other tool in the shop! Great selection of tooling too."

Josh C. - Oregon

“Super clean engraving. Using Harvey Tool's engraver with .005 radius tip. 6500 rpms 8 inches a minute”

John M. - Rhode Island

"Harvey gets us out of jams..."

"Harvey Tool has helped us get out of a few jams with their durable long reach and lasting end mills. One situation was that we committed to a customer’s part and thought we had a tool that would work and that was not the case. With time running out we contacted Harvey Tool and they had an off the shelve tool that not only worked but held a nice finish and lasted a long time. That equals JOB OUT ON TIME!"

Adam T. - Illinois

“In the 5-axis department, we do the craziest, most complicated parts in the entire shop. Whether it’s a long reach, an undercut, or a tiny thread, we always go to the Harvey catalog first.”

Jason H. - Colorado

“I’ve used a ton of Harvey Tools over the years. Here are some of my hundreds of intricate examples. Thank you for making great tooling solutions!”

Craig H. - New York

“Having nearly custom, small long reach end mills as stocked items dramatically reduces lead times, and keeps tooling costs at a manageable level. If I’m looking for a tool smaller then 1/8”, there is only one catalog I look at, Harvey Tools! They make some of the finest sub 1/8” end mills.”

Jason D. - North Carolina

"Without Harvey Tool our job would be impossible..."

"Harvey tools are simply the best cutting tools! We do a lot of small intricate work a lot of which is for fiber optic manufacturers. Without Harvey Tool our job would be much more difficult or maybe even impossible. Thank you for your perfection in tooling!"

Nick H. - California

“The photos attached are the heart of superconducting magnets. The groove machined with your tools locates the superconducting cable. We make prototype test magnets at our lab and help design the next generation magnets that power particle accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider. The main reason I source all of my small end mills from Harvey tool is the wide range of size and styles, I can always find the perfect tool for the job and shorten my machining time.”

Dylan R. - Ontario, Canada

“We specialize in the aerospace industry so many of our parts are quite small and tolerances are little to none. Harvey produces great rigid and reliable tooling even at these small of sizes. The tool featured here was used to make the slots in the waveguide and the work piece itself is ½ of the completed part…couldn’t have done it without Harvey Tool.”

Andy E. - Oregon

“What I need for a Monday morning: Coffee and Harvey Tools. I go to Harvey first when I need specific tools that will get to me quickly, and hold up to whatever I put them against. They seem to have what I need when I need it. Whatever obscure tool path or operation I think of, Harvey seems to always have a tool that can get it done.”

Nate S. - Via Instagram

“Love it when a customer comes to us in a panic because their “other shop” wasn’t capable of making the parts to spec. You just have to think outside the box….and have the right tools @HarveyTool."

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