Helical Solutions Micro 100
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Technical Charts & Articles

Below you will find downloadable and printer-friendly Technical Resource documents to help you with tool selection and machining techniques.


Plastic Cutter Selection Guide
Our helpful guide will walk you through selecting the right Plastic Cutting End Mill to avoid melting, poor finish, and workholding mishaps.

Spotting the Right Angle: Choosing a Spot Drill
Select the perfect spot drill for your
job and increase locational accuracy with these simple guidelines.

Multi Start Threads
Learn about the intricacies of multi start threads and how multiple starts affect the lead and lead angle of threads.

To Drop Hole Or Not To Drop Hole
Learn the differences between dovetails with and without drop hole provision.  

Overlooked Uses of Double Angle Shank Cutters
Explore the many applications of the versatile double angle shank cutter.  

Take the Burr Out of Deburring
Our answer to the challenges in manual deburring applications.  

Ramping to Success
Avoid premature tool failure and increase tool life by learning how to choose the right tool path for your machining application. 

Compression Cutters
Learn how Compression Cutters can help to combat the tough material properties of composites.

Angles Untangled
Uncover the ins and outs of angles with this informative guide, which will help you select the exact tool for your application.

Conventional Milling vs. Climb Milling
Looking to make the switch to climb milling? Learn about the differences between conventional milling and climb milling to better choose the technique that's right for your application.  

Machining Corners: Trouble With the Curve
Learn how to choose the right diameter tool when machining corners in order to improve your finish and prevent your tools from breaking.   

Running in Circles
Reduce breaking and stop overloading your tools with overfeeding or underfeeding by adjusting the feed rate properly and taking into account the circular tool path.


Coatings Chart

Clearance Cutter Interference Chart - Ball

Clearance Cutter Interference Chart - Square

Clearance Hole Drill Sizes Chart

Decimal Conversion Chart

Depths Widths Chart - Pointed Engravers

Depths Widths Chart - Radiused Engravers

Depths Widths Chart - Tipped Off Engravers

Depths Widths Chart - Marking Cutters

Depths Widths Chart - Radiused Marking Cutters

Hardness Chart

O-Ring Guide 

O-Ring Feed Rate Adjustment Chart

Plate Chamfer Cutter Dimensions

Retaining Ring Keyseat Selection Chart 

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) 

Tap Drill Chart

Terminology Guide

Thread Relief Selection Guide - Metric Threads

Thread Fit Chart - Single Form - UN Threads

Thread Fit Chart - STI - Single Form

Thread Fit Chart - Single Form - Metric Threads

Thread Fit Chart - Single Form (Hardened Steels)

Thread Relief Selection Guide - UN Threads

Troubleshooting Guide

Woodruff Keyseat Selection Chart

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