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New Products for March 2017

Our latest catalog features over 1,400 new tools and 4 new products, for a total of over 17,000 tools and 163 product lines. Highlighting our launch are 152 new Composite Drills, designed with point geometry optimized for holemaking in fibrous and layered composite materials.

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Miniature High Performance Drills - Composites - Double Angle

Our Double Angle Composite Drills are engineered for optimal performance in layered coposites and virgin plastics. The primary point angle allows for efficient part entry and the shallower secondary point angle reduces push-out and delamination.

Miniature High Performance Drills - Composites - Brad Point

Our new Brad Point Composite Drills achieve optimal drilling performance in fibrous composite materials like carbon or glass-filled plastics. The center and OD spur point geometry is designed for accurate scoring action and to prevent fraying, uncut fibers, and tear-out.

PCD Diamond Cutting End Mills - Square - 4 Flute

These PCD Diamond End Mills are designed with a long length of cut and four flutes for finishing operations in graphite, carbon fibers, gold, silver, magnesium, zinc, and green ceramics. The abrasion resistance of PCD diamond can increase tool life up to 50x over carbide.

Miniature End Mills - Long Reach, Stub Flute, Corner Radius

Designed for deep cavity milling and other long reach applications, these Miniature End Mills are now available with .005” and .010” corner radius options and cutter diameters down to 1/32”.


This catalog features over 1,400 new tools specifically designed to help our customers push machining boundaries and create those difficult cuts. Below are just a few examples of the expanded product lines that add longer reaches, larger radii, and more diameter sizes to our stocked selection.

Miniature End Mills
Material Specific End Mills
Specialty Profiles
Holemaking & Threading


Easily Browse by Solution with Our Featured Solutions

While ALL of our stocked products can be found in our full product catalog, we now offer digital-only PDFs to easily browse our tools by industry, operation, or solution set. This Featured Solutions series kicks off with the five solutions: Mold Tool & Die, Deburring, Corner Conditioning, Finishing, and Metric Tooling.

Our new Featured Solutions series strategically groups tools from across our catalog for easy reference. Use these interactive PDFs and keep them handy on your desktop when you need to quickly browse our products by solution.

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