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For a premier line of fully stocked Threadmill Cutters

3 Steps to Great Threading


Drill A Starter Hole: To determine the proper size of your starter hole, see our Tap Drill & Thread Height Chart. Or, contact your Harvey Tool Application Engineer to select the appropriate drill size for your specific thread.


Relieve your threads: Designed to relieve stress concentrations at corners of undercuts and last threads, our line of Thread Relief Cutters will make your thread strength much greater.


Create Your Thread: Based on your application and run size, select what threadmill will be best for you: single form, tri-form, or multi-form.

Expansive Product Offering

Counterbores - Flat BottomHarvey Tool’s broad line of fully stocked Threadmill Cutters features over 420 options for applications of all sizes.

  • Thread sizes down to 0
  • Hardened Steels Single Form Threadmill designed for materials 46-68 Rc
  • Mill right hand and left hand threads
  • Multi-Form Threadmills in UN, Metric, N.P.T. and Coolant-Through Styles
  • Grounded below size; AlTiN Coating brings tool to size
  • Multi-Form with long flute option designed for deep threading applications
Harvey Tool
Did You Know...
A 60° Harvey Tool Double Angle Shank Cutter can be used as a Single Form Thread Mill!

Harvey Tool’s leading line of Thread Mills will make your threading operation simple. This tool offering includes both Multi and Single-Form Thread Mills offered for optimization in Hardened Steels. It has Long Flute and Coolant Through Thread Mills to make threading deep into pockets straightforward, and even incorporates Thread Relief cutters to make relieving stress concentrations effortless at the bottom of threaded holes.

Threadmills - Single Form

Single Form

Job shops love this tool for its extreme versatility in machining a wide variety of threads. Also, offered in a Hardened Steel option with AlTiN Nano coating and designed for 46-68 Rc steels. Featuring a large rigid core diameter, eccentric relief for improved strength, and h6 tolerance for shrink fit holders for a tool that lasts.
Threadmills - Tri Form

Tri Form

This tool will transform how you thread difficult materials. Harvey Tool’s Tri-Form Thread Milling Cutters offer unique tool geometry to help you achieve precise threads in hardened steels and difficult-to-machine materials. Further, with a left-hand-cut, left-hand-spiral design, you can now climb mill from the top of a hole to the bottom, eliminating the need to arc-in when engaging the tool.
Threadmills - Multi Form

Multi Form

For high production jobs where cycle time really matters, Harvey Tool Multi-Form Thread Mills are optimized to produce a full thread in as few as a single helical interpolation. Offered in Coolant Through for maximum chip ejection in blind holes and Long Flute variation designed for deep thread applications.
Thread Relief Cutters

Thread Relief Cutters

Thread Relief Cutters eliminate stress concentrations at the corners of an undercut and the bottom of a thread to prevent fracture and failure. Flattens bottom of hole to achieve maximum thread depth while chamfer eliminates burrs and partial threads at the last thread. Great for blind holes!

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Technical Resources

Make Running Your Tool Easy

All of Harvey Tool's Threadmill Cutters are fully supported online, by email, and by phone.

Speeds & Feeds

Speeds & Feeds

Downloadable and printer-friendly Speeds & Feeds are available to help you optimize running all your Harvey Tools.

Charts & Articles

Charts & Articles

Harvey Tool's Thread Fit Chart, Tap Drill Chart, and Running in Circles article will help you get the most out of your threadmill cutters.

Simulation Files

Simulation Files

Harvey Tool offers its master library of Simulation Files created with the exact geometry and profile of each tool to help you simulate running clearances and create tool paths.

Download Catalogs

Download Interactive Catalogs

In addition to our full Spring Catalog, our Metric and section PDFs are available for download. Easily browse our Signature Series, Application Specific, Specialty Profiles, and Holemaking Sections.

Expert Support

Have a question about Speeds & Feeds? Harvey Tool’s friendly and helpful technical support experts are just a phone call or email away! 800-645-5609 or tech@harveytool.com

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