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Miniature End Mills - Square - Deburring End Mill

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Carbide Miniature End Mills - Deburring End Mill

  • Deburr in your CNC machine with these high-precision burs held to end mill tolerances
  • Stop scrapping expensive parts due to handheld operator errors
  • High number of flutes allows for faster speeds and feeds
  • Achieve better finish than with milling type cutters
  • Bur geometry is optimized for removing burrs and/or adding a small controlled edge break with superior finish
  • Double cut style flute pattern
  • Solid carbide
  • CNC ground in the USA  
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Below are downloadable Simulation Files in DXF format (half-round line drawings) to accompany Harvey Tool products. Each file is specifically scaled to the geometry of the tool to help simulate running parameters and create tool paths. Like our speeds & feeds charts, these files will be continuously updated with the introduction of new products and new catalogs to assist operating the majority of our tools. Simulation files can also be accessed by searching for a specific tool number on the left-hand side of the website and then clicking on the Simulation table in the product table.
Please don’t hesitate to contact our tech team with any questions at 800-645-5609 or tech@harveytool.com.

To navigate between folders or download a file, DOUBLE CLICK on the folder or file.

  • AlTiN
  • Uncoated
D1 +.0005"/-.0005" L2 +.020/-.000" D2 L1 TOOL # PRICE TOOL # PRICE
.015 (1/64) .045 (3x) 6 3 1/8 2-1/2 60715 30.50 60715-C3 34.70
.031 (1/32) .093 (3x) 6 3 1/8 2-1/2 60731 23.40 60731-C3 27.60
.047 (3/64) .141 (3x) 8 4 1/8 2-1/2 60747 22.50 60747-C3 26.70
.062 (1/16) .186 (3x) 8 4 1/8 2-1/2 60762 22.50 60762-C3 26.70
.078 (5/64) .234 (3x) 10 5 1/8 2-1/2 60778 22.50 60778-C3 26.70
.093 (3/32) .279 (3x) 12 6 1/8 2-1/2 60793 22.50 60793-C3 26.70
D1 +.000"/-.002" L2 +.030/-.000" D2 L1 TOOL # PRICE TOOL # PRICE
.125 (1/8) .375 (3x) 14 7 1/8 2-1/2 60808 21.40 60808-C3 25.60

Speeds & Feeds

Below you will find downloadable and printer-friendly Speeds & Feeds for this product line. All posted Speed & Feed parameters are suggested starting values that may be increased given optimal setup conditions. If you can't find the information you're looking for, Harvey Tool has a team of technical experts available to assist you. Please contact us at 800-645-5609 or tech@harveytool.com.


Deburring Chamfer Cutters

Harvey Tool offers a wide assortment of specialty End Mills in a variety of sizes and lengths of cut. You may find our Advanced Search feature helpful to locate the best stock tool for your application. The Advanced Search allows you to select your critical dimensions to narrow your search. However, if you are looking for a tool that we don’t offer as a standard, we can provide you with a special custom tool. Simply fill out the Request for Quote (RFQ) Template that best represents the tool you need, and submit via email or fax. One of our technical experts will get back to you. If you need help designing your special tool, you can contact our Quotations Department.

Phone - 978-948-8555 ext. 6004 - Ask for our Quotations Department.
RFQ Fax - 978-948-8560
Email - tech@harveytool.com.

Special RFQ - Double Cut End Mill

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