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About Us

30 Years and Counting

Since 1985, Harvey Tool Company has been providing specialty carbide end mills and cutting tools to the metalworking industry.
We are recognized as a leader in our offerings because of unsurpassed technical expertise and engineering know-how.


Our mission is to provide unique and innovative products to solve challenging machining requirements for our customers. We are committed to providing excellent service, quality products, and to building long-standing customer relationships. We take pride in our attention to detail and customer care, and seek to have fun in our work.

Customer Service

At Harvey Tool, our team believes there is nothing more important to us than YOU - our customer. Our Customer Service team is trained to provide prompt, friendly, and professional service. When it is time to fill your order, each tool is hand-packed and the order is rechecked for accuracy before it goes out the door. Our order accuracy rate is 99.7%. We treat your business needs as if they were our own. In the unlikely event that you need to return an item, please see our return policy.

Why Harvey Tool Company is Different

At Harvey Tool, our focus is on identifying and providing unique end mill and cutting tool products for specialty machining needs. Every tool in our catalog is stocked. Our unique product offerings allow our customers to purchase specialty tools "off the shelf" with same-day shipping, eliminating long and costly lead time for our customers.

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Harvey Tool maintains a large network of select authorized distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our distributors are highly trained cutting tool specialists. We partner with our distributors to offer you optimal local engineering, sales, and customer service. To place your order, please contact your local distributor. If you need assistance in finding a distributor, please call us at 800-645-5609. Customers outside the U.S. and Canada please contact our sales team.

Custom Cutting Tools

Along with our unique standard tool offerings, Harvey Tool can provide custom tools. Our custom tool orders range from a variation of our standard tooling to highly specialized, application-specific, custom tools. Call us for assistance with designing your custom tool, and we will connect you with a local distributor when you are ready to purchase.

Team of Experts

Harvey Tool has a highly qualified team of technical experts and engineers, all working together to ensure that we scrutinize every detail from product development through inspection to guarantee that each tool meets our standards. These technical experts are available to assist you through even the most challenging applications. For technical assistance please contact us.

Our Commitment to You

Harvey Tool's commitment to our customers is to provide optimal service with the best quality tools and same-day shipping.

Product Quality

Harvey Tool develops product specifications through careful study and selection of tool geometries that optimize cutting performance for a given material and application. We recognize that great product quality and consistency starts with finding great quality blanks with the right grade of carbide for the targeted product and application. Such blanks are often found closer to the source of tungsten and carbide ore, which is typically outside the USA. Virtually all (98+%) of our tools are CNC ground here in the USA using high precision grinding machines and proven manufacturing methods.

All of these measures help ensure batch-to-batch consistency and adherence to strict tolerance standards. For more demanding product applications, advanced coatings are applied to maximize performance and tool life. The result is one of the broadest, deepest and most reliably performing selections of small diameter and specialty cutting tools available in the market.

Harvey Performance Company brings together the leading Helical Solutions, Harvey Tool, Micro 100, Titan USA, CoreHog, and Valor Holemaking brands to offer the industry’s most comprehensive selection of stocked cutting tools guaranteed to increase your shop’s productivity.

Harvey Tool

Think Harvey Tool First

More than 25,000 miniature and specialty end mills. Ship today, in your machine tomorrow.

Push Harder

Let Helical Impress You

Material-optimized high performance carbide end mills. Run faster, push harder, machine smarter.

Micro 100

Make More With Micro 100

Exceptional quality turning tools designed for durability and performance in a range of difficult-to-machine materials.

Micro 100

Trust in Titan USA

Broad assortment of quality, fully stocked cutting tools at exceptional value.


Innovative Tools for Innovative Materials

CoreHog is a pioneer in the design, manufacture, and use of innovative Composite and Honeycomb Core Cutting Tools.


Victory Starts with Valor Holemaking

High Performance Drills and complementary tooling solutions that revolutionize CNC Holemaking.