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Specialty Profiles

When it comes to making difficult cuts, Harvey Tool has you covered with our broad range of stocked Specialty Profiles. We provide specialty sizes and geometries for an assortment of difficult applications including undercutting, deburring, chamfering, engraving, and threading.

Back Deburring Mills

This offering of fully stocked Back Deburring Mills is ideal for deburring on the back side of small holes and tight pockets.

Boring Bars

Harvey Tool's signature lathe tool, this offering of Boring Bars feature a helical back rake flute that improves accuracy and chip flow.

Chamfer Cutters

From pointed to flat end, and even helically-fluted styles, Harvey Tool's selection of Chamfer Cutters is expansive in both breadth and depth.

Concave Radius End Mills

Harvey Tool's fully stocked Concave Radius End Mills are offered with 4 flutes in both uncoated and AlTiN Coated styles.

Corner Rounding End Mills

Browse this vast, fully stocked offering of Corner Rounding End Mills, featuring multiple flute, flare, and coating styles.

Dovetail Cutters

A selection of fully stocked Dovetail Cutters in an array of styles, includes angles, lengths of cut, and corner radii options.

Double Angle Shank Cutters

Double Angle Shank Cutters are recognized as one of the most versatile tool's a machinist can have in their tooling carousel.

Drill/End Mills

This selection of Drill/End Mills feature two distinct styles: Mill Style and Drill Style, each ideal for a specific grouping of machining applications.

Engraving Cutters

A fully stocked selection of Engraving Cutters in multiple styles, including the popular Pyramid Point Engraving Cutter, which delivers strength and precision.

Keyseat Cutters

Harvey Tool's fully stocked offering of Keyseat Cutters, oftentimes referred to as "Keyway Cutters," are the best the machining industry has to offer.

Picatinny Form Cutters

Choose between options of Harvey Tool Picatinny Form Cutters, including Attachment Cutters, Rail Form Cutters, or Recoil Groove End Mills.

Runner Cutters

Browse from as many as three coating choices within this offering of carbide Runner Cutters: uncoated, AlTiN coated, and AlTiN Nano coated.

Slitting Saws

Harvey Tool Slitting Saws are offered uncoated or with AlTiN coating, and in cutter diameter sizes ranging from 1" to 4".

Undercutting End Mills

An offering of fully stocked Undercutting End Mills, optimized for undercutting, deburring, and multi-axis machining applications.

Hexalobe Cutters

Create a Hexalobe form swiftly and simply with our fully stocked selection of solid carbide Hexalobe Cutters, precision manufactured to provide excellent strength and precision accuracy.

Backdraft Cutters

Offered in Corner Radius and Square Profiles, Harvey Tool’s Backdraft Cutters are designed to clean up bottom corner pockets while backdraft angle minimizes rubbing.