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Specialty Profiles

When it comes to making difficult cuts, Harvey Tool has you covered with our broad range of stocked Specialty Profiles. We provide specialty sizes and geometries for an assortment of difficult applications including undercutting, deburring, chamfering, engraving, and threading.

Backdraft Cutters

Offered in Corner Radius and Square Profiles, Harvey Tool’s Backdraft Cutters are designed to clean up bottom corner pockets while backdraft angle minimizes rubbing.

Back Deburring Mills

This offering of fully stocked Back Deburring Mills is ideal for deburring on the back side of small holes and tight pockets.

Boring Bars

Harvey Tool's signature lathe tool, this offering of Boring Bars feature a helical back rake flute that improves accuracy and chip flow.

Chamfer Cutters

Create a variety of different chamfering features with our many Chamfer Cutter options. Our pointed and flat end styles are available with multiple flutes and angles per side, giving you a diverse selection for chamfering, deburring, and back chamfering in various materials.

Concave Radius End Mills

Harvey Tool's fully stocked Concave Radius End Mills are offered with 4 flutes in both uncoated and AlTiN Coated styles.

Corner Rounding End Mills

Harvey Tool’s Corner Rounding End Mills are excellent for breaking edges and putting a smooth radius on a part. Also known as radius cutters, these tools are useful for milling deep inside a pocket or on the back side of a part.

Dovetail Cutters

Harvey Tool's fully stocked, ready to ship offering of Dovetail Cutters take into account a variety of included angles, lengths of cut, and corner radii, allowing you to choose the exact dimensions needed for your difficult dovetail groove cuts.

Double Angle Shank Cutters

Harvey Tool Double Angle Shank Cutters are stocked in pointed or tip radius options, and include multiple reach lengths. We are confident that these tools will make your chamfering, V-groove, thread milling, deburring, and countersinking operations simpler and more efficient.

Drill/End Mills

Free up space on your tool carousel with our large offering of Drill/End Mills, available in two styles: Mill Style and Drill Style. These versatile cutting tools are available in multiple point angles and are perfect for drilling, grooving, milling, spotting, and chamfering.

Engraving Cutters

Harvey Tool's always growing selection of Engraving Cutters and Marking Cutters is stocked in angles ranging from 10° to 120° included and in uncoated, AlTiN coated, and Amorphous Diamond varieties. Styles include pointed, tip radius, tipped off, marking cutters, and parallel.

Keyseat Cutters

Harvey Tool's Miniature Keyseat Cutters offering is unmatched in the industry, featuring hundreds of specialty sizes and styles. Designed for cutting keyways and keyseats, these woodruff-style cutters are designed with dished sides for clearance.

Hexalobe Cutters

Create a Hexalobe form swiftly and simply with our fully stocked selection of solid carbide Hexalobe Cutters, precision manufactured to provide excellent strength and precision accuracy.

Picatinny Form Cutters

Harvey Tool Picatinny Form Cutters are offered in three types: Attachment Cutters, Rail Form Cutters, or Recoil Groove End Mills. Like all Harvey Tool products, these unique tools are fully stocked and ready to ship the day of purchase.

Runner Cutters

Designed to mill 3°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, 22.5°, 30°, or 45° channels in molds, Harvey Tool's comprehensive, fully stocked offering of Runner Cutters includes options for the machining of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Choose from multiple coatings for superior results in difficult to machine materials.

Slitting Saws

Harvey Tool Slitting Saws are offered uncoated or with AlTiN coating, and in cutter diameter sizes ranging from 0.75" to 4".

Undercutting End Mills

Improve surface finish in all of your undercutting, deburring, and multi-axis machining applications with our Undercutting End Mills. Explore our 270° Deburring Undercut End Mill. It's ideal for deburring complex shapes and achieving better finish than with milling-type cutters.