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New 2023 Fall Product Catalog

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The Harvey Tool Fall 2023 Product Catalog is the key to elevating your CNC game. Featuring more than 28,500 cutting tools, and more than 530 new tools of our industry-leading selections of miniature and specialty cutting tools, think Harvey Tool First for the obscure tool dimensions your next job demands. Unlock your full CNC potential by arming your shop with high precision Miniature End Mills and Specialty Cutters that are ready to ship today.

Explore our wealth of resources, from Speeds and Feeds Charts to Simulation Files and our revolutionary Machining Advisory Pro (MAP) and pair them with our new comprehensive catalog. View our full online catalog now, or request a print copy, today! 

New Tooling Options for Fall 2023

Hexalobe Cutters Countersinks 

Optimize your precision machining with Harvey Tool's offering of Hexalobe Cutter Countersinks. CNC ground in the USA with a 140° tip angle, 120° chamfer angle, and h6 tolerance, this superior offering ensures high precision machining for hexalobe style cuts.

Hexalobe Cutters

Slitting Saws Full Radius 






CNC ground from solid carbide with dished sides to allow for outstanding clearance and durability, Harvey Tool’s Full Radius Slitting Saws feature no keyway or hub, making them the perfect choice for radius-only cutting.


Slitting Saws

Miniature End Mills - Corner Chamfer - Stub & Standard 

Now offered in stub and standard length of cut. 

Miniature End Mills Corner Chamfer Stub Standard

Drill/End Mills - Mill Style - 3 Flute

Now offered in four new angles including 60°, 82°, 90° and 120°.

Drill End Mills Mill Style 3 Flute

Double Ended Chamfer Cutter 

Now offered in seven new angles including 15°, 20°, 30°, 41°, 45°, 50° and 60°.

Double Ended Chamfer Cutter

Miniature Long Reach End Mills

Now offered in new overall length sizes. 

Miniature End Mills - Square - Long Reach 

Miniature End Mills Square

Miniature End Mills - Ball - Long Reach

Miniature End Mills Ball Long Reach