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New Tools for Spring 2024

Harvey Tool is excited to announce the release of our new Spring 2024 Product Catalog, which features more than 700 exciting new tools!

Square Miniature Coolant Through End Mills

Engineered with coolant through channels for unmatched chip removal and heat reduction, Harvey Tool's premiering offering of Miniature Coolant Through End Mills excel in intricate and demanding applications.

Hexalobe Cutters

Single Form ACME Thread Milling Cutters

Designed to cut internal ACME threads, Harvey Tool’s newest offering of Single Form Thread Mills is offered AlTiN coated for improved lubricity and heat resistance when milling right hand and left hand threads.

Slitting Saws

Corner Radius Flat Bottom Counterbores

CNC ground in the USA with a corner radius profile for improved strength, this new offering of Counterbores is excellent for spot facing or counterboring on irregular surfaces such as castings, rounded parts, concaved, or drafted surfaces.

Miniature End Mills Corner Chamfer Stub Standard

Miniature High Performance Drills Now Offered in Imperial Sizes

Harvey Tool’s entire Miniature High Performance Drilling offering is now fully stocked in both metric and imperial options, so you can always find the tool you need for your miniature drilling applications.

Drill End Mills Mill Style 3 Flute

Miniature Reamers Now Offered in Metric Sizes

Designed to maintain edge strength, stiffness, and accuracy in through and blind hole applications, Harvey Tool’s Miniature Reamers are now offered in both metric and imperial size options.

Double Ended Chamfer Cutter

New 2024 Spring Product Catalog

Now featuring more than 29,000 cutting tools, Harvey Tool’s Spring 2024 Product Catalog is comprised of the industry’s most comprehensive miniature and specialty carbide cutting tool offering. Not only is each tool crafted to deliver unparalleled accuracy and create an unbeatable final part, but our vast selection of technical resources is designed to take your tooling even further. Elevate your CNC machining capabilities and begin your unique Harvey Tool experience by viewing our full online catalog, or requesting a print copy, today!

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