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Miniature End Mills

Browse from a comprehensive selection of fully stocked Miniature End Mills in an array of geometries, designs, and styles, including stub flute, reduced shank, and tapered. Harvey Tool products are all ready to ship the same day as purchase.


Browse from Stub & Standard, Long Reach, Reduced Shank, Tapered, and Long Flute designs of square profile Miniature End Mills.


Browse from multiple flute lengths, reach styles, and cutter diameter sizes as miniature as .002" diameter in this ball profile offering.

Corner Radius

Browse from a comprehensive selection of corner radius Miniature End Mills, engineered to provide long tool life and enhanced accuracy.


An offering of tapered Miniature End Mills optimized for high precision milling deep within a part, one of the biggest challenges a machinist faces.

Corner Chamfer

Harvey Tool's fully stocked offering of Corner Chamfer Miniature End Mills creates consistent heat and wear along the chamfer, distributing forces evenly. This unique Harvey Tool product features a 45° corner chamfer, which protects the corners on the end mill and allows for the creation of small chamfers and edge breaks on a part.