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Material Specific End Mills

Achieve the best performance for your application with Harvey Tool's always-growing selection of Material Specific End Mills. From End Mills for High Temp Alloys to End Mills for Plastics, this fully stocked, massive offering is the industry's best.

Hardened Steels

An offering of fully stocked Harvey Tool products, optimized for hardened tool, die, and mold steels from 48Rc to 68Rc.

High Temp Alloys

An offering of Material Specific End Mills for High Temp Alloys, featuring Variable Helix End Mills and Multi-Flute High Helix Finishers in square, ball, and corner radius profiles.

Medium Alloy Steels

An offering of material specific end mills for Medium Alloy Steels that are optimized for readily machinable medium alloy steels, stainless steels, and tool steels.

Free Machining Steels

Browse from a selection of End Mills for Free Machining Steels, which includes Variable Helix End Mills and Multi-Flute High Helix Finishers.

Aluminum Alloys

A fully stocked offering of tooling optimized for Aluminum Alloys, including Variable Helix End Mills, Multi-Flute High Helix Finishers, and everything in between.

Diamond Tooling

An offering of end mills optimized for non-ferrous materials, featuring CVD diamond coating for improved abrasian resistance and higher feed rates.


Rather than use a metal cutting end mill for your plastic part, avoid common mishaps by opting instead for a fully stocked Harvey Tool Plastic Cutting End Mill.


An advantageous material, Composites offer unique advantages to machinists but must be machined with the right set of tooling options to avoid common mishaps.


Harvey Tool's fully stocked offering of Material Specific End Mills for Wood are engineered specifically to alleviate all-too-common woodworking woes machinists face, including: tear-out; splintering; and subpar, fuzzy grain finish.