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Featured Solutions

Today's machining industry is complex, and no two parts are alike. Harvey Tool's vast offering of tools for featured machining solutions is engineered to provide you with the very best solution for every machining application, from corner conditioning to finishing.

Metric Tooling

Harvey Tool’s fully stocked metric offering showcases hundreds of metric tooling options, including (but not limited to) Variable Helix End Mills, Multi-Flute High Helix Finishers, and High Performance Drills.

Mold Tool & Die

Building complex cavities requires high performance tooling. Harvey Tool offers a selection of tapered end mills with unique geometries that are perfect for tackling the tough machining requirements of the die and mold making industries.


Achieving optimal surface finish is a critical goal for any machinist, but not all tools are designed with finish requirements in mind. Harvey Tool has a wide selection of finishing tools with material-specific geometries designed to leave a mirror finish.

Corner Conditioning

Whether prepping a corner for functional or aesthetic reasons, Harvey Tool has a variety of unique and hard-to-find profiles for machining corner requirements and features. With our vast offering, we are confident that our tools can solve any corner conditioning challenge.


Deburring parts can be tiresome, expensive, and time-consuming, especially if done by hand. Harvey Tool's engineers have created a variety of CNC-toleranced deburring tools that allow you to deburr in your CNC machine, providing a better, more accurate finish.

Double Ended Tooling

While all tools experience normal wear over time, Harvey Tool's double-ended tooling offering allows you to experience twice your tool's longevity. Simply flip your tool over to its second cutting side and continue your machining.