A Harvey Performance Company

Metric Tooling

Harvey Tool’s fully stocked metric offering showcases hundreds of metric tooling options, including (but not limited to) Variable Helix End Mills, Multi-Flute High Helix Finishers, and High Performance Drills.

Exotic Alloys

Fully stocked in metric sizes, this Harvey Tool offering includes AlTiN Nano coating, which provides superior hardness and heat resistance in titanium alloys, Inconel, nickel alloys, and other high temperature materials. Choose from square, ball, and corner radius profiles.

Medium Alloy Steels

Achieve the best performance in readily machinable medium alloy steels, stainless steels, and tool steels with these metric Variable Helix End Mills and Multi-Flute High Helix Finishers. Each tool is coated with an AlTiN coating for improved lubricity and heat resistance.

Aluminum Alloys

This fully stocked and ready to ship Harvey Tool product line of metric tooling for Aluminum Alloys includes various coating options, including TiB2, ZrN, and Amorphous Diamond for improved wear resistance and extended tool life. 

Miniature Drills

Drill in a variety of different materials with our selection of metric universal Miniature Drills. With sizes down to .002”, our Miniature Drills are available in multiple fractional, metric and wire diameters, and are sold uncoated or with an AlTiN coating.


Harvey Tool's metric Thread Mill Cutters offering is impressive. Available in Single Form, Multi-Form, and other varieties, these tools mill right hand and left hand threads and can cut internal and external 60° UN threads in many materials, including hardened steels.

End Mills for Plastics

By opting for End Mills specifically designed for plastic materials, you're alleviating a number of common plastic machining woes: melting, warping, and others.

Chamfer Cutters

A comprehensive offering of Chamfer Cutters, including pointed and flat end styles, double-ended geometries, and Plate Chamfer Cutter designs, among others.