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See why machinists think Harvey Tool first for their miniature and specialty cutting tool needs.

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"Mirror polished jimping on an M390 Mini Goblin Blade courtesy of a @harveytool .045 reamer."


Krista Gonsovna



"Harvey Tool delivered some beautiful solid carbide cutting tools for a new project!"


Dan Graybill



"Harvey Tool knocked this custom keyseat cutter out of the park! Our proof of concept on the left and the Harvey on the right."


Nate Zerkle


Featured Customer: Form Factory

Being able to overnight tools straight to the shop on a moment’s notice has saved us too many times to count. Harvey Tool makes some of the most impossible reach tooling; I still don’t know how they do it. "Back in the day”, I would grind my own relief on an old Deckel. There’s nothing quite like looking for that extra 50 thou of reach and snapping off the tool!

Now I let Harvey do ALL of that work for me, so I can focus on the machining. It takes nice tools to make nice parts. If you need tools that are always accurately relieved to just under the tool diameter, sharp, and balanced, then look no further than Harvey Tool.

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"Damn engineers and their desire for very small corners. @harveytool is the go-to when things get tight."


Drew Baugus



"We thought we were super cool cutting slots with our 1mm dia. x 0.13" depth of cut end mills. Now thanks to Harvey Tool we are going 0.3" deep!"


Twin Spindle Corp.



"This is my go-to tool when milling. It works great on stainless steel and titanium."


Chris Watson



"We always turn to @harveytool when we need tools under 1/8". They always seem to outperform the competition 💪"


Acero Precision



"Harvey Tool had the solution we needed for an upcoming project with this Double Angle Shank Cutter 👍🏻"


Craig Camp



"Got this little #harveytool to do some thread relief on a part. Glad they have suggested feeds and speeds!"


Byron Hatfield



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