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Composites are often machined using standard metal cutting end mills, resulting in lifting and fiber pullout. For optimal performance in difficult-to-machine high-fiber or abrasive composite materials, browse our selection of End Mills for Composites.

Straight Flute

With 2 straight flutes, this square profile tooling for composites is designed to mill abrasive, glass-filled plastics with reinforcing fiber and other additives.


This offering features counteracting flute geometries which compress material inwardly to avoid burrs, tear out, and delamination.


This offering includes optimized geometry with chipbreakers, designed to efficiently shear fibers and shorten chips for improved chip removal.


The slow helix of this line of finishing end mills for composites improves part finish and minimizes fraying of fiber-reinforced and layered materials.

Diamond Cut

Harvey Tool's Diamond Cut End Mills for Composites are offered in End Mill or Drill Styles, each of which is optimized specifically to avoid common composites mishaps.