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Improve your material finish and increase your stock removal with our diverse offering of End Mills for Plastics. Preferred over traditional metal cutting end mills, plastic cutters feature sharp edges and large flute openings to allow for a cleaner cut.


Recommended for filled and unfilled plastics, this fully stocked Harvey Tool selection of Plastic Cutting End Mills features sharp edges and large flute openings.


Browse from three unique styles of ball profile End Mills for Plastics: Standard 2 flute, long reach 2 flute, and single flute.

Corner Radius

Featuring a corner radius profile and upcut, 2 flute geometry, this fully stocked Harvey Tool offering is preferable for fiber-reinforced applications.


Complete your plastic part in style with Harvey Tool's fully stocked offering of Finishing End Mills for Plastics, featuring geometries optimized to leave a high quality part finish.


Optimized for roughing applications in plastics, this offering of Material Specific End Mills feature irregular edge geometry for enhanced chip control and minimized cutting forces when performing roughing applications in plastics.