A Harvey Performance Company

Corner Radius

Harvey Tool Corner Radius Miniature End Mills are stocked in a variety of radii for fast material removal and increased tool strength. Enjoy the excellent rigidity and wear resistance these tools provide in even the toughest of materials.

Stub & Standard

Featuring a corner radius profile for improved strength, this selection features solid carbide, center cutting tooling in stub or standard flute lengths.

Long Reach

This Harvey Tool offering of corner radius, long reach Miniature End Mills is optimized to provide rigidity in deep pocketing applications.

Long Flute

This selection of fully stocked, long flute end mills with a corner radius profile are optimized for machining deep within a part.

Reduced Shank

With its reduced shank, Harvey Tool's Miniature End Mills - Corner Radius - Reduced Shank are perfect for chucking any depth. Ground from solid carbide in the USA, the long length of this tool is designed for deep cavity machining operations.