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Keyseat Cutters

Harvey Tool's Miniature Keyseat Cutters offering is unmatched in the industry, featuring hundreds of specialty sizes and styles. Designed for cutting keyways and keyseats, these woodruff-style cutters are designed with dished sides for clearance.


Square profile Keyseat Cutters, or "Woodruff Cutters," feature solid carbide construction for strength and an AlTiN Coated option for added lubricity and heat resistance.

Corner Radius

Harvey Tool's selection of fully stocked, corner radius Keyseat Cutters includes standard, reduced shank, and staggered tooth designs.

Full Radius

Harvey Tool full radius Keyseat Cutters, oftentimes referred to as "Woodruff Cutters," are offered uncoated or with AlTiN coating.

Staggered Tooth

Staggered Tooth Keyseat Cutters feature a unique design, optimized to enhance shearing action, minimize chip dragging and recutting, and decrease vibration.

Retaining Ring

Harvey Tool's fully stocked selection of Retaining Ring Keyseat Cutters showcases products that are designed to mill proper slot widths for common retaining ring sizes.