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Speeds & Feeds Guide

Harvey Tool’s Speeds & Feeds charts take into account lots of specific data to ensure that you’re running each tool with the optimum parameters. Learn more about how to read our charts below.

How To Read Speeds & Feeds

Benefits of Using Our Speeds & Feeds



Save Time

You can find all the running parameters you need to machine with your purchased tool, whether it’s a miniature size or a larger diameter. With every calculation at your disposal, you don’t have to waste time interpolating your own rates from generalized machining guidelines.



Lower Production Costs

Whether you’re slotting, roughing, or finishing, our calculations account for the exact material and application that you’re using. By increasing tool life and minimizing damage, our Speeds & Feeds can help you lower overall production costs.


Increase Tool Life

Forget about trial and error - you can get the most out of every tool you order from us with our recommended Speeds & Feeds parameters, designed to decrease breakage and maximize tool life.



Minimize Damage

Take the guesswork out of finding that “sweet spot” and run your tool with confidence by taking into account all of your machining variables, from chip loads and depths of cut to tool paths and SFM.



View Speeds & Feeds


In addition to our Speeds & Feeds Library, you can also find specific running parameters directly on our product page and tool details page for every tool. Simply search for your tool number and then click on Speeds & Feeds in the resources section.


Additional Resources

Machining Advisor Pro

Generate customized running parameters for your specific setup and material quickly and accurately with Machining Advisor Pro. Available on desktop, tablet, and mobile phones.


Simulation Files

Harvey Tool offers its master library of Simulation Files specifically scaled to the geometry of each tool to help you simulate running parameters and create tool paths.


Technical Articles & Charts

We provide a growing library of printer-friendly Technical Articles and tool selection charts to fully support our comprehensive product offering.


Coatings Charts

View our Coatings & Substrates Application Guide to help select the right tool for your job.


Need Assistance?

If you can't find the information you're looking for, Harvey Tool has a team of technical experts available to assist you.